Individual growth and development can be a challenge.

Lets see what we can do to make this whole adulting-thing just a bit easier!

Ugh, that dreaded job search. I understand it can be an exercise in frustration , but follow along with some of my best-practices to save yourself from poor searches results and find those needles in the job-market haystack. Besides online databases and employer websites, I’ll convince you that the tried and true “knock on the door” and  “intentional networking” can still yield some unexpected surprises.

Offering some well founded tips and tricks on;

Writing your first or next resume. Sure there are templates for this, but take this course and see the 1,2,3s of what that piece of paper needs to contain, and more importantly what it does not need! 

Become prepared for that one opportunity to make a positive first impression at your next job interview. Even if you were not at the top of your class, have little prior work experience or not sure you will fit in… I can help you stand out using some of my interview tools and improve those odds of securing your next job.

Offering a few best practices for those of us re-entering the job market or making a 180-degree change all together later in life.