Managers & Employees can get along... and both of them can even actually like their Customers !

Yes I know, who knew !?

Managers and Employees have their unique responsibilities and deal with varying challenges to make it through their respective days. But, once in a while there can be a break down in communications between each of these groups. Add those pesky Customers to the mix and there are plenty of opportunities for a break down and misunderstanding to occur.

My goal …to breakdown , translate and bring an end… or at least try to calm the waters at your work place. As business owners, managers and first line supervisors; juggling new employee hires, maintaining the morale and productivity of current employees and actually getting all hands to satisfy the customers needs can be a high hurdle to overcome daily.

I have presentations geared towards: 

  • Improving your supervisor skills with a smile across your face, hard but it can be done. 
  • De-escalate those customers who sometimes feel your sole purpose is to make their day miserable, but still manage to meet their needs, even if they might not like the news you’re giving them in the moment.  It can be done… as a Police Officer I arrested or cited many individuals over the years but managed to leave them with a smile, or at least in their unique situation that it was not the end of the world.
  • How to hire and more importantly retain new employees. I have worked at several places and spoken with many more individuals who had few positive experiences to share about a place they worked, but endless stories of what was not that great and often cited reasons why they left.