Community Presentations

Finding some direction early in life is not always there for all of us. So many teenagers, young adults and even older adults are left to figure life out on their own. I’ve created some simple presentations that may seem too obvious to many… but could be the first time others have heard the message.

“An effective Mentor shares with you their own failures and missteps.”

I've always believed others can become inspired when they see just how human you really are and realize that your life's journey has been filed with just as many mis-steps as any other person trying to live their life. The more others can identify with you, the more likely they will listen to you!

Breaking down the misunderstandings and realizing we all fight for the same things. Using my 27 years in law enforcement to help bridge some of those gaps.

your carrot on a stick

Creating self-motivation and self-reliance is easier said than done. A clear presentation to motivate and inform on why and how you create that life you’ve been dreaming of.

ignoring the noise

There exists so much noise in the world we live in today that it can be difficult, if not impossible to just come up for some air and focus on what’s most important… yourself!

Job search 101

Using the tools to chip away and find that perfect…well, nearly perfect job your looking for. It all starts by knowing how to look through that window you’re provided via a computer screen. 

Resumes 101

Looking for a job and hoping for a chance to sell yourself in a job interview starts with having a well written resume to catch attention and hopefully draw in a perspective job position. 

job interviews 101

Whether in-person or via a Zoom call , your job interview is your best opportunity to sell yourself and present yourself in exactly the way you want to be remembered. It all starts with a genuine smile.

a duh moment!

Your first investment- Human Capital

Nothing earth shattering here. However, it never ceases to amaze even me how much businesses, government agencies and any large organizations seem to drop the ball in this area ever single day. The value we must all place on our human investments can not be understated. Of course all of this begins from the top down. Setting the example can be as simple as being the CEO taking out the trash and having a few employees see something they’ve never seen before. How crazy is that notion!? Not very : )

Business Presentations

The same presentations and bits of wisdom I offer young people can work for businesses and even affect some bottom lines. I’ve seen way too many balls being dropped by the failure of management both middle and top when it comes to creating that true to life team spirit in an organization. 

new employee investment

As a Police Officer we were affectionately referred to as rookies! In business those new hires are sometimes seen as a hassle. However, these new employees you just hired are truly investments into the well being of your organization. How you treat that investment starts on day 1!

creating morale top/down

This is the easiest and also the hardest part to instill with the leaders you’ve put into place within any organization…humility! Hubris has been the chink in so many layers of armor, yet the easiest to fortify.

doing without office politics

As humans we are a programmed to gossip. Gossiping is no more than a social dynamic, but when you pair that dynamic with a personal agenda and it works at another’s expense, it becomes destructive to the health of any organization.  A presentation to change a mindset. 

Speaking to your organization about the power of Mentorship really can make a difference.